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Medical Web Marketing with Bing Search

Bing is a web search engine similar to Yahoo! and Google. It can provide strong localized exposure to a medical website or a dental website. Bing differentiates itself from other search engines by operating as a “decision engine.” Not only does it find what you are looking for, but it also organizes the answers so that it becomes possible to make faster and more informed decisions.

Every healthcare marketing plan should consider Bing as an important tool to promote medical and dental practices and health systems. When it comes to using IT for healthcare promotion, search engines play the most important role. They help connect the appropriate medical and dental websites with relevant local searchers who are looking for a suitable practitioner in their area.

Bing was a late entrant to the search engine market, but it has made its mark quickly. Despite being a new search engine, it is fast moving up the ranks. Recent surveys suggest that Bing search is up 37 percent since its launch and it receives 4.1 billion searches per month coming in third place in search engines. Google, on the other hand, remains the undisputed leader at 88 billion per month, while Yahoo! receives 9.4 billion.

The goal of IT and healthcare marketing is not just to promote the medical and dentistry websites. The larger goal is to disseminate useful information to potential patients via the Internet. Bing, in addition to providing organized medical web search, also focuses on helping users make everyday decisions. Bing also offers a functional, user-friendly, and differentiated experience with its local maps feature.

Another important feature of Bing with regard to healthcare and IT marketing is 'OpenTable Integration.' This feature helps your patients make appointments at your office by looking at the time slots currently available. Real-Time Transit and Streetside for Mobiles is another user-friendly feature of Bing. Doctors and dentists can promote their medical sites with such features.

Ekwa Marketing can help you dominate your local area with online medical strategies leveraging the power of leading search engines such as Bing.

Our Client Says..

Before my relationship with Bizymoms-ekwa, I thought I had a great website, but it was not getting any traffic and very few of my patients came from the Internet. Now, thanks to their specialized teams, I have a steady and growing stream of patients from the Internet every month.

Dr. Jeffrey Gold

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