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Internet Marketing for Doctors and Dentists

Healthcare marketing online requires a completely different approach in comparison to the traditional business. A medical website must focus on dissemination of useful and relevant information to potential patients with a view to helping them make appropriate health related decisions.

Medical or dental marketing must adopt a patient-friendly approach that does not merely concentrate on the commercial goals of the doctorís practice, but takes a broader approach of providing real information, guidance and value to potential patients.

When it comes to marketing, IT for healthcare sector can prove to be the most effective tool to reach out to potential patients in a targeted local area where the doctor or dentist has established his or her practice. Unlike an online business, a doctor or a dentist is required to serve the patients on a face to face basis.

Therefore, a medical website or a dental website should help potential patients get a closer insight about the practice, and enable them make an informed decision about their health and well-being.

Medical IT marketers must be sensitive enough to understand the critical need for privacy about a patientís personal information. Therefore, when they use SEO techniques to promote medical sites and pursue other forms of online medical promotion, they must guarantee the absolute privacy of each patient.

Internet marketing for doctors can be made very persuasive when it focuses on educating the potential patients about various medical or dental procedures, and offering them appropriate advice and guidance on common issues of concern.

The medical web marketing section of provides compelling content to help doctors, dentists and other medical professionals with clear ideas about how to develop a comprehensive Internet marketing campaign for their medical or dental practice. You can visit Ekwa Marketing to help you build a comprehensive online marketing strategy for your medical or dental practice.

Our Client Says..

"I noticed an increase in Internet traffic almost immediately, and through the tools and techniques they use, that traffic has continued to increase each month. In the previous month, over 1100 people visited my website, and I rank on page one of Google, Bing and Yahoo for 167 procedure specific keywords."

Dr. Mary Lupo

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