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Interesting keyword optimization facts for doctors

Keywords are essentially any words that online viewers search that would draw them to your website. Keyword optimization is the decisive target marketing tool or optimization aspect. If you know your target market well, you will then have a head start on developing your keyword lists. Optimizing your content involves choosing the right keywords for doctor's site. Keyword research is very important in building traffic. If the keyword is popular you will have more tweaking and get ranked high. Optimizing your website before doing keyword research is useless, since keyword research is part of the optimization process.

With regard to keywords, its Density, Frequency, Placement, Prominence and Weight are some facts doctors should know about keyword optimization.Keyword Density is a proportion of words on a web page equal to a selected set of keywords. According to search engine optimization, keyword density decides whether a web page is appropriate to a specified keyword. Search engines restrict and penalize keyword stuffing. Keyword Frequency means the number of times a keyword is used on the page or in a section of the page. Normally if the keyword is shown many times on the page the search will be better. However doctors should understand if keywords are used unnecessarily there is a possibility of search engines penalizing you.

Keyword Placement has a main part to play relating to searches. If the keyword is in the Title tag on most search engines then it will be more appropriate to the page than the same keyword showing in the body area. The importance of the area in different search engines vary and the parts are namely Title, Heading, Link Text, and Body. Keyword Prominence is when a keyword placed at the top of the page, near the start of a paragraph, or at the beginning of a tag ensures optimization.

Keyword weight is the number of keywords shown in the page area divided by the total number of words in that area. The weight must be within limits. If weight is too high, doctor's website may be penalized by search engines.










Our Client Says..

"Naren is a genius at optimizing web sites for search engine placement. Naren, Susan and their team got me to the first page and the top 3 spots on every major search engine for virtually EVERY one of my key words. Talk about getting new patients − WOW. I've had to hire additional doctors to keep up with increased business!"

Theodore M. Siegel, D.D.S., P.C.

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