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Medical Websites for Doctors and Dental Professionals

The Internet has emerged as the most preferred source of information and research for an average individual in any part of the world. As a result, healthcare marketing has also become increasingly Internet-centric. Healthcare and IT go hand in hand when it comes to promoting a medical or dental practice in the local area.

Any online medical marketing campaign must be created around a powerful and professional website. A medical or dental website is the first place that a potential patient is likely to visit to look for more information about a doctor or dentist. That makes medical sites an indispensable tool to promote medical practices.

When designing your medical website and building its features the first priority is that the website must establish your credibility among patients. It is almost as the front desk at your practice where patients must be able to see and experience your professionalism. Here are some of the key features you need to consider when designing a website to promote your practice or health systems.

User-friendly Design: If website is the most critical part of your medical IT marketing efforts, then its design and architecture is its foundation. A user-friendly medical or dental website will encourage visitors to spend more time at the site, and learn about the various procedures and services offered at the practice.

Services provided/Specialties: In any online medical marketing campaign, it is crucial to highlight the range of services offered. Patients are keen to know what services the doctor or dentist can provide them with. They also like to know how different the doctor is from other doctors with regard to professional experience, qualifications and specialization. It helps to answer many of their questions before they walk into the doctor’s office which saves both you and your patient's time.

Client Testimonials: Any medical IT marketing campaign remains incomplete with genuine and effective client testimonials. A medical or dentist website is a great place to showcase how patients regard you and your practice. Nothing will promote your medical or dental practice better than testimonials from actual patients. People are social by nature and love reading what your clients have to say about you. It is likely that their decision to visit you will significantly depend on their testimonials.

The professional team of web designers and content developers at Ekwa Marketing will be glad to build a new and improved website for your practice and help you achieve your goals effectively.

Our Client Says..

Before my relationship with Bizymoms-ekwa, I thought I had a great website, but it was not getting any traffic and very few of my patients came from the Internet. Now, thanks to their specialized teams, I have a steady and growing stream of patients from the Internet every month.

Dr. Jeffrey Gold

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